Loop holes create profits for unlawful individuals

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor
The truth of the matter
In the 1997 movie “Liar Liar” Jim Carrey stars as Fletcher Reede a fast track lawyer who cannot lie for 24 hours. In one scene Fletcher’s secretary asks if he thought it was right that her neighbor was sued because a robber had fallen through her skylight and onto a knife. Fletcher’s answer was “No, I could have gotten him more.”
Justine Winter a sad and tragic tale
In August 2010, a teen, Justine Winter, was arrested and charged with two counts of deliberate homicide after a car crash that killed Erin Thompson and her son Caden Odell. After the crash Winter was in critical condition and had to have multiple surgeries and procedures to save her life.

One side effect of her injuries was that she could not remember what happened clearly that night. Winter did not believe the accident was her fault and even went so far as to sue the Thompson family and three other companies for negligence. After a nine day trial a jury found Winter responsible for causing the crash and the judge dismissed the civil suit.

Jennings receives restitution from her sons attempted theft and the end of his life
Cletta A. Jennings filed and won a civil suit after her son, Antwun Parker, was shot and killed in a pharmacy in Oklahoma City. Parker and a friend, Jevontai Ingram, had been asked by two men to go into the pharmacy and ask for OxyContin. Ingram was given a gun but Parker was not. Ingram managed to get away, however, Parker was shot at least six times.

The first shot Parker received was to the head, then five more later on through out his body.

Jennings received a settlement from the pharmacies insurance company, and told interviewers she’s glad it’s over.

Crimes are committed everyday, people are hurt or die everyday. Does money equate the loss of life that occurs from these tragic occurrences or what if the victim of an attempted theft becomes a murderer, does the family of the deceased deserve restitution? Something to think about is how will money ease the grief a person endures when they lose a family member?

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