Staff Changes for 2013

15th Street News will be getting a small makeover come Fall 2013.

The new staff appears as:

Chelsea Ratterman: Editor in Chief

Dennis Gosnell: Assistant Editor

Amber Stafford: Assignment Editor

Narges Taghavi: Feature Editor

We have a photographers spot open as well! Interested?

We are always looking for volunteer writers and photographers! Contact us!

Michelle Penix: Graphic Artist

Melissa Bednarek: Online Editor

Scottie Seger: Tech Support

Carol Benefee: Secretary

Julie Lesko-Bishop: Advisor

You can contact us through Facebook, Twitter, or at 733-7400

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Survey Reports on campus concerns

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor

Each month the RSC Faculty Senate meets to address concerns of those working on the campus. This year marked the first time they conducted a campus wide survey, the Leadership Assessment Survey, to gain perspective on problems or potential problems facing the campus. Continue reading

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Francis Hughes Scholars Catalog Civic Center History

By: Logan Pierce, editor-in-chief

Starting in September of the fall 2011 semester, the Frances White Hughes Scholars began working in conjunction with the Civic Center Music Hall to catalog the history of the center, from its origins in the 1930s to the present day. Rick Woodard, humanities academic advisor, worked closely with the students to ensure they met the strict research criteria. Continue reading

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Program helps returning students to REACH Higher

By: Logan Pierce, editor-in-chief


Adults who have already taken some college classes have the opportunity to finish what they started through the Reach Higher degree completion program.
Continue reading

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Healthy Body=Healthy Mind

Headline: Resting the mind through a healthy body

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor

According to the rate of American obesity has more than doubled since 1980 from 15 percent to 30 percent, with child obesity tripling.  So the question is how can Americans stop the rising numbers of obesity?

Jennifer Armstrong and Tanner Earls presented the Healthy Body = Healthy Mind workshop May 1 as part of the continuing Hudiburg Scholars Workshops. Continue reading

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Propelling tomorrow’s youth into a technological future

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor

It is often said that the future is held in the hands of the youth, and for a country to thrive the youth of that nation must be educated and have the know-how to continue moving their nation forward. Miles Garcia, resident of Oklahoma and student at Rose State College, is one such youth. Continue reading

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Campus Beautification Plans

Earlier in the year Dr. Terry Britton, president RSC, announced his campaign to beautify the campus in the hopes of luring prospective students to enroll at Rose State.

In accordance with Dr. Britton’s wishes new improvements and installations have been made around the campus.
Continue reading

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Assembling Avengers smash box office and stereotypes

Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, is one of the most well rounded villains in recent years. His plan to take over the Earth, however clichéd, only has one problem: the Avengers, which includes his adopted brother Thor.

By Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor

A movie that has been five years in the works, after a series of build-up movies with some of the greatest superheroes of our time, is bound to be good, even great; but those words do not aptly describe “Marvel’s The Avengers.” Perhaps awesome would be appropriate, even masterpiece, as director and screenwriter Josh Whedon has managed to do one of the best jobs imaginable with a movie filled with conflicting egos and some would say, too many characters. Continue reading

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2012 Commencement Ceremonies

By Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor and Logan Pierce, Editor in Chief

The Commencement Ceremony for 2011-2012 graduates took place May 11 at the First Southern Baptist Church on Sooner Road at 7 p.m. The ceremony was free and open to the public. The speaker this year was Tinker Air Force Base’s Air Logistics Commander Maj. Gen. Bruce A. Litchfield. His previous assignment was as special assistant to the commander, Air Force material command at Tinker Air Force Base. He has also served as the director of logistics at the headquarters of the Pacific Air Forces at Hickman AFB in Hawaii. Continue reading

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What Does 15th Street News Do With Their Extra Papers?

The 15th Street News serves the Rose State campus with its weekly editions. 4,000 copies of the weekly edition used to be published, but with budget constraints, that order has been reduced to about 2,000 copies per week. There are still papers left over at the end of the week, and many more left over by the end of the semester, but what to do with them? Continue reading

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