Rose State College helps to provide a caring and safe environment for children

Narges Taghavi

Feature Editor 


Rose State College helps to provide a caring and safe environment for children.


According to the website, the Child Development Laboratory Center, located just north of the student center, serves the community as a child care facility and provides a laboratory setting for RSC students enrolled in the Family Services/Child Development Program. The main objective is to provide a positive atmosphere, which will promote the social, physical, intellectual and emotional growth of children.


Children experiment with hand painting and making a fun mess, under supervision of laboratory students.

“We believe that children learn from play. So a lot of what they do is play. We arrange their environment so they can learn different things. Depending on what skills they are working on in the different age groups the teachers develop lesson plans that coincide, so the kids are able to develop different skills.

“We offer quality childcare in a place where parents can bring their kids and feel that their kids are safe, well taken care of, and in a good environment while they are at work.

“The teachers here are people who have Master’s degrees, Bachelor’s degrees, we have some people with Associates degrees and a few with CDAs (Child Development Associate),” said Shadonna Watkins, Director of the Child Development Laboratory Center.

The CDLC is made up of four classrooms, an activity center and three outdoor activity areas. Parents are welcome to stop by and observe at any time.

The Child Development Laboratory Center runs Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and takes on kids from six weeks to five years old. Rates differ by room.

For more information, contact the CDLC at 733-7411. For those who wish to enroll their child, parents can stop by and fill out a card for the waiting list.

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