Don’t let the stress of math let you feel discouraged

Amber Stafford

Assignment Editor

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Professors of Mathematics Jack Moeller and Andrea Xeriland held a workshop on Sept. 20 to give students tips on how to avoid math anxiety.

The professors began the workshop with a “math quiz” made up of two questions. Students had to list the best adjective to describe math and brief an explanation of why they chose that particular adjective.

“Math anxiety needs to be talked about, given students overall common problems, and overtime give students a desire to deal with it,” said Professor Moeller.

Over forty people attended the workshop, filling the room past capacity. With such high attendance, many students are recognizing that math anxiety is common, and come to these kinds of workshops.

“The workshop was one the best turnouts since school started,” said the Director of Student Success and Retention Initiatives, Melissa Leon Guerrero.

Some of the key points in the presentation were math myths and a discussion about the math gene. The fact is, there is no “math gene”. Math takes practice and training just like any other skill.

“There is no math gene, it is a skill you have to learn,” said Professor Xeriland.

A few steps for overcoming math anxiety, is to acknowledge and understand your anxiety, learn the language of mathematics, learn from your mistakes, stay on top of your homework, and go to class every day. Lastly, the most important step is to be positive!

The next Student Success workshop will be Note Taking. It will take place 3-4 p.m. on Oct. 3 in Student Center, Tinker Terrace room


What’s your level of math anxiety? Not sure? Try this test.

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