Student Leaders build insight and connections

Dennis Gosnell

Assistant Editor 

Students toss a question ball around during an ice breaker session at the senate and club retreat.
Photo by Kenneth Beachler

Every year clubs gather with participants of the elected student body to learn the process of requesting funding and permission to hold events.


During this year’s Senate and Club Retreat, club leaders and student senate representatives sat around in a giant circle getting to know each other.  To break the ice everyone had to introduce themselves and the club they represent. Next, everyone got to throw around a ball on which was written numerous questions meant to allow everyone a good laugh and help everyone gain insight into each other.


When all had caught and answered a question, the group moved on to listening to an explanation of how clubs can request money, club travel, club events, and receive club points.


Laser tag and Chelino’s

After the criteria info session for the clubs, the group went to Chelino’s for lunch. The last event of the day was a trip to Laser Quest laser tag and team building activities. In the dark arena of laser tag everyone was against everyone, with a determined winner each session. The last game was played as a team game and the nearly 40 participants were split up into two groups.


Winners of each round received a prize and a lottery pool of player names gave a lucky winner two complimentary games of laser tag.


Student Senate

Following the events on Friday, the Student Senate went to the UCO Bickham Ropes Course for practice in team support and facing challenges. Each senator went through the course to the cheers of their fellow senators.


Important club forms

The forms clubs need to use for requests are found on the Student Senate page on the Rose website.

Clubs must submit the “Application for Club Event” form 10 days prior to an event, and must be submitted before purchase requests can be processed.

There is a $500 limit per semester per club request.  Requests must be submitted to the Senate Treasurer using the “Student Senate Funding Request” form, and must include a detailed description of what the funds will be used for.

Clubs must submit the “Purchase Request Form” 10 days prior to purchase/event, and vendor must be set up in PeopleSoft prior to purchase request, which may add a minimum of 5 days prior notification.

The “Request for Cash Advance” form is for students’ food or cash requirements such as luggage fees. Travel must first be approved.

Clubs must submit “Application for Club Travel” request forms 30 days prior to in-state travel, and at least 45 days prior to out-of-state travel. See the application for needed documentation to include approved advisor travel, which can be obtained through club advisors division.

Clubs must re-charter each year by using the “Club Re-charter/Charter Form.” If the re-charter has not been completed, the club may not conduct any club business and the club must have at least one member.

These forms can also be obtained in the Student Activities office in the Student Center.

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