Microsoft surfaces with new tablet

Dennis Gosnell

Assistant Editor

With the success of Apple’s iPad, many other companies are seeking to compete in the growing tablet market. Microsoft is no exception.

On Oct. 26, Microsoft released a new line of mobile tablets called the Surface. This device, like the iPad, looks to give consumers something unique and life changing.

Microsoft has two versions it is looking to give consumers: the Surface and Surface Pro.

The Surface is about the length and width of a piece of 11.5 in. by 8 in. piece of paper and is about a third of an inch thick. It runs with Windows RT, which is an operating system designed specifically for the Surface.  Reviewers of the Surface have remarked on the similarities between Windows RT and Windows 8.

Online sales of the Surface have already sold-out. According to Ewan Spence, a contributing writer for Forbes, this may not be a good sign, as public expectations of the Surface may not be meeting reality, and could damage Windows 8 reception.

With the integration of Windows 8 type function in Windows RT, Microsoft seems to be gambling with the hope that consumers will find the new operating systems user friendly and worthwhile.

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