Retro Summer Fashions

Skylar Wright,

Features Editor

Summer outfits should be fun, flirty and feminine. Most importantly they should be comfortable. No one wants to be out gallivanting in the sweltering heat wearing uncomfortable shoes or too many layers, for the sake of fashion.

I’m ringing in the Retro era (’40s to the ’80s) with this video of black and whites featuring some of the hottest retro summer fashion.


The swinger sunglasses with the hipster blue or green would be ideal for any kind of summer fun and keeping it clean in terms of accessories that is… we don’t want to see over the top jewelry with timeless clothing pieces. Theses are definitely fuss free summer looks that I would want to play around with this season. Prints, prints and more prints, I love them all but if you want to go for a more natural look may I suggest color blocking with your one piece bathing suit. You wont be disappointed with this look. I would definitely suggest factoring in the occasion and the place you decide to sport these different looks at.

But for now, channel the inner ‘Disco Deewane’ this summer with a hint of timeless classics in your summer clothing. Be free. Be fun. Be retro.

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