Cyber security program offering scholarships

Alex Roberts

Assistant Editor —

The RSC Cyber Security program, now offered completely online, is accepting applications for a program scholarship through a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Ken Dewey, director and professor of the Cyber Security program, said he helps students learn the skills needed to defend against cyber attacks, and prepares students for immediate employment.

“Cyber Security is needed everywhere now. With virus, malware, cyber attacks happening daily, security is now an important concern for everyone, corporate and home user,” Dewey said.

Graphic courtesy  of

Graphic courtesy of

Dewey said the NSF grant will pay for tuition, fees and possibly provide spending money.

According to, RSC is the only two-year school in the country where students can gain all six levels of federal cyber security certification.

The program has won multiple awards, including being selected as a “National Site of Excellence” by the National Security Agency.

The award-winning program educates students in networking and cyber security, allowing them to defend against all kinds of cyber attacks.

The deadline to apply for the grant is Jan. 20. Dewey said there are 14 open slots for the grant. To apply, visit


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