Retro Summer Fashions

Skylar Wright,

Features Editor

Summer outfits should be fun, flirty and feminine. Most importantly they should be comfortable. No one wants to be out gallivanting in the sweltering heat wearing uncomfortable shoes or too many layers, for the sake of fashion.

I’m ringing in the Retro era (’40s to the ’80s) with this video of black and whites featuring some of the hottest retro summer fashion.


The swinger sunglasses with the hipster blue or green would be ideal for any kind of summer fun and keeping it clean in terms of accessories that is… we don’t want to see over the top jewelry with timeless clothing pieces. Theses are definitely fuss free summer looks that I would want to play around with this season. Prints, prints and more prints, I love them all but if you want to go for a more natural look may I suggest color blocking with your one piece bathing suit. You wont be disappointed with this look. I would definitely suggest factoring in the occasion and the place you decide to sport these different looks at.

But for now, channel the inner ‘Disco Deewane’ this summer with a hint of timeless classics in your summer clothing. Be free. Be fun. Be retro.

Swimsuits make big splash on fashion scene


Skylar Wright 

Features Editor

Bold patterns, prints, and colors keep you looking cool during the hot summer months.  Photo Courtesy of

Bold patterns, prints, and colors keep you looking cool during the hot summer months.
Photo Courtesy of


From October to May, I long for the heat and sunshine and start purchasing my swimwear well before the summer season begins; by the time Memorial Day hits, my bathing suit drawer is overflowing.  Growing up in a beach town, the beach is not just a place to soak up the sun and cool off in the water, it is an endless, sandy, runway where every girl wants to have the most eye catching bikini or one-piece. Most of us here in Oklahoma take vacations to these tropical places and feel outdated as soon as we hit the beach. Stay on top of swimsuit trends so you don’t feel like the odd man out.

The 2013 trends for beachwear are fresh and bold and here are some affordable options so you can rock these looks on any budget.

Retro is huge this year, not only in clothing, but in swimwear as well. High waists are in for clothes, and this trend is showing up for beachwear, too.


Retro vintage-feel bathing suits are a favorite this season. The high waist bottoms look great with a variety of tops from bandeau to halter to string.  Mixing and matching only makes this look feel more vintage and I especially love the idea of mixing prints.

Speaking of prints, bold pattern and prints are another trend this year.  Aztec, houndstooth, floral, and pretty much any pattern you can imagine is showing up on runways for summer.  Feel free to stand out and make a statement, and mix and match patterns and colors!  A look resurfacing this year is graphic prints.  The prints I have seen so far are of animals, people, and landscapes.  These prints work best on a one-piece, or otherwise the effect is lost.


Now obviously we can’t all afford Vivienne Westwood or Versace bathing suits, but luckily many affordable retail companies offer a variety of these popular looks for reasonable prices.









What Fashion Week Told Us

Skylar Wright

Features Editor

As New York Fashion Week wraps up in the Big Apple, the styles are just getting started as we take a look to the hottest fall fashion.

The style and new trends came in all forms during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, which got under way despite weather conditions February 7-14, with models and designers fighting off rain, snow and sleet.

The biggest color this fall will be red, which isn’t much surprise, because when you think of red, you think of warm fires and fall leaves. It’s not being paired with your typical browns and greys this fall, but with jewel colors like bright blues, pinks, rich greens and oranges.

fashion week One piece that is a have to have in your closest is the box shaped sweaters and was paired with a skirt on the runway, but you can pair it with a pant as well to still look trendy.

Fall previews wrap up on Valentine’s Day, with the rescheduled Marc Jacobs show, going heavy on black and other dark colors, one of the many looks seen on the runway over the past week. Tory Burch’s runway offered metallic fabrics and textured pieces. Motorcycle jackets were big for designer Phillip Lim, as were oversized coats. Models at the Alexander Wang show donned fur gloves and hoods, and Prabal Gurung featured military-themed accents. Rebecca Tayler, meanwhile, focused on more structured and tailored designs.

As you can see the trends this fall will be a force to be reckon with as army cameo is becoming more and more popular.

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The right attire can lead to a heart’s desire


Skylar Wright

Features Editor 

After the new year, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives and greeting-card writers start planning for love’s big day. Having a night out? Make it romantic. Staying in? Make it new and different. Putting together a new outfit? Make it suit the occasion.

Ladies, whatever you are doing for your big night out on Valentine’s Day, it calls for some extra care with your attire. This is not just any day. There are greeting cards about this day, there are chocolates shaped into hearts, there are oversized teddy bears, anything to do with love, its available in February.

Want to create a romantic look? Lace, girlie prints and flowing, bohemian styles work great to create a romantic Valentine’s look. To make it holiday-specific, throw in some red and pink accents, and maybe even a heart-shaped accessory for good measure.

To get Emma Stone's fiery look, try the BCBG Max Azria lipstick-red cotton-and-lace strapless sweetheart "Roselle" bustier dress from for $125.29. Photo courtesy of

To get Emma Stone’s fiery look, try the BCBG Max Azria lipstick-red cotton-and-lace strapless sweetheart “Roselle” bustier dress from for $125.29.
Photo courtesy of

Valentine’s Day does seem to cry out for romantic looks, but classic is always appropriate. Accessories are the key with the understated look. A red nail polish or a red or pink scarf would work well.

What’s sadder than a romantic date evening spent wishing you’d worn something else? Well, lots of things, actually, but it’s still an unfortunate spot to be in on a Valentine’s date. So, a few tips to help you love what you end up in, no matter which way you go:

  • Be yourself — If it’s not “you” on Feb. 13, it’s not going to be you on Feb. 14. By all means, take risks — fashion is all about it — but make sure what you wear suits your style.
  • Be subtle — If you choose to some Valentine-specific accents, be selective and err on the side of caution. If you’re carrying a heart-shaped clutch, leave the heart-shaped earrings at home. Please.
  • Be comfortable — It can be tempting to throw comfort to the wind when dressing for a special night, but beware: Discomfort can ruin the mood. At the very least, make sure you’ve got room in your dress to enjoy a truffle or two and that you can walk in your shoes. You never know where the evening might take you. Be ready for a romantic stroll around town.
  • Be versatile — If your date location is a surprise, wear something you can dress up or down and carry different shoe, accessory and makeup options along on the date but don’t take your whole room. Just a few things to make your look pop if you need a little extra sparkle.

Romantic night out or special night in, what you wear can make or break your date as much as where you go and whom you go with — but it can definitely make you happier with the pictures after the fact. Valentine’s memories are forever. Just ask the greeting card!



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New nail trends arrive for the New Year

Skylar Wright

Features Editor

Minx #1, now available at Ulta stores, was designed by minx creators for at home use of their solid nail coating. Photo courtesy of

Minx #1, now available at Ulta stores, was designed by minx creators for at home use of their solid nail coating. Photo courtesy of

2012 saw reverse French manicures with dark tips, instead of the traditional white on the bottom, but for the New Year and beyond, expect French manicures with a new, different twist.

The sideways French mani, a vertical split, will be popular as well as pale nails with a striking diagonal tip, half moon accent or other graphic shape in a contrasting shade.

Color blocking is in as well, seeing tans, nudes or peaches paired with a bold bright color. It consists of wearing large, bright blocks of seemingly disparate colors that will compliment each other.

If you love your nail polish to be bold but not overwhelming, you’ll adore the Dior Vernis Cruise Collection 2013. All three shades — Lime, Mango and Pasteque are vivid with a fresh and sexy flair.

The Mariah Carey by OPI Spring 2013 Nail Polish Collection, which was released at the start of 2013, features eight new limited edition shades inspired and hand-selected by Mariah Carey. What’s totally cool is that four of them feature a new technology, OPI Liquid Sand, which features a textured matte mixed with glitter. My favorite color of the collection? Stay the Night — a matte black with red glitter accents. You can find the collection at OPI retailers with each lacquer priced at $9.

Black nail polish isn’t just for the gothic style scene. Dark nail polish is usually hot for winter, but this trend will even carry into spring this year. At Spring-Summer 2013 Fashion Week, there were plenty of dark nails at the New York shows.

Whatever nail polish you are wearing in 2013, make sure you touch up your nails often. Chipped nail polish is definitely not in style for the New Year.

Chillin’ in style

By: Narges Taghavi

Feature Editor

Winter is upon us and it’s time to bring out the sweaters, boots, mittens and coats. But when deciding on a winter wardrobe, see if any of these winter fashion staples are already in your closet.

One of the biggest must-haves for those dress days is knit tights. Unlike ordinary tights, which are shear and thin, knit tights are thick and will keep your legs warm, which makes wearing skirts and dresses all the more comfy in the winter months.

Another must-have is a wool coats. Last year, it was all about the pea coat, but this winter is all about wool. Many of these coats lay somewhere between pea coats and windbreakers, and are heavy enough for those snowy days, while still being stylish.

Model Shows off a wool coat during fashion week.
Photo courtesy of

A winter staple for your shoe collection is knee-high boots. Sure, ankle boots are cute and combat boots were big in the fall, but it seems that this winter, the higher the better. Boots that hit right at the knee are simply timeless and complement almost any leg shape.

This last winter essential will shock you, but put those rules aside by wearing white. Pack away the colorful or patterned skinny jeans and get out those beautiful winter white pants you’ve been dying to wear, because now, white pants are in, and the myth about rocking white after Labor Day is out.

This time of year, sure it might be cold and dressing in layers is required, but it’s possible to still remain fashionable by incorporating these staples into the wardrobe.

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OMG! Shoes!

By: Narges Taghavi, Feature Editor

OMG! Shoes!

Although, the heat might not be gone the truth of the matter is that summer is coming to an end, so that means it is time to put up those flip-flops and slip on your fall footwear. Like clothes and accessories, with each new season come new shoe trends dying to be rocked.

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