Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Thanks for the coverage of the mural by Jeremy Cunanan in the west staircase of the Social Sciences building. I would like readers to know that this display of student art, this new move toward campus beautification, is the result of an ongoing Faculty Senate initiative. In addition, the project would not have been completed without the generosity of Dr. John Carl and the support of Dr. Bret Wood. Funding for these projects comes from ear-marked donations to the Rose State Foundation.

I make this point because I believe that students, staff, and the broader community need to know that the Faculty Senate, though its primary responsibility is to represent the Rose State Faculty, believes in supporting students in all facets of student life. This art initiative is just one representation of that belief translated into action.



Yours Truly,

M. Kathryn Carey

Professor, FSCD

Social Sciences


Check out the story “Beautification project brings art to campus” referenced by this letter.

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Beautification project brings art to campus

Amber Stafford

Assignment Editor

Beautification project brings art to campus

Have you seen the new mural in the west staircase of the Social Sciences building?

Dr. Bret wood and Professor Suzanne Thomas are featured alongside RSC students in the stairway mural.

During the summer, art students participated in a contest that would let them help paint a mural in the stairways around campus.  Students had to submit a proposal to a committee and a winner was determined from the entries.

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Beautifying the campus

By: Logan Pierce, editor-in-chief

On Jan. 19, Dr. Terry Britton, president of Rose State College, gave a convocation address to faculty and staff in the Special Training and Education Center. His remarks began by welcoming everyone to a new year and a new semester. It was so well attended that only standing room was available for latecomers.

Britton talked about how the college began the year with a one percent increase in graduation rate.  Those statistics apply only to first-time full-time students who will graduate within three years. Britton wanted to focus, not only on first-time students, but all students as a whole.

Measure access as well as success

He emphasized the convenient “open door” policy on campus, enabling virtually anyone who wants a college education to pursue it. “How much do we value access?” Britton said, “Measure access as well as success.”

He asked what could be done to improve conditions on campus. “Do we need to build more buildings?” Britton said, “We are going to take a brand new look at the campus master plan. That involves everything from building to repairs.” A decline in recent enrollment numbers did not warrant the construction of new buildings.

Eye for efficiency

A new plan that has been adopted involves building up the campus.  “We do not have adequate bathrooms,” Britton said.  When the campus was built, it was done with an eye for efficiency. Buildings were made to maximize classroom space.  This resulted in narrow hallways.

After touring other colleges, Britton shared his observations. One goal this year is to emulate the open lounge space available on other campuses. “Our students need naps,” Britton said, “They need a place to take breaks.”

Investing in art

One other avenue in which to beautify the campus is by investing in art. Britton wants to follow the example of OCCC, which purchases $1,000 worth of art annually.  This art is then kept in an ever-increasing collection. “We need to think about something like that,” Britton said.

This year, one of the main focuses will be to make the campus a more aesthetically pleasing learning environment. This will require the addition of inspirational art and more lounge space for study or relaxation.

Dr. Terry Britton, president of Rose State College, addresses faculty and staff with his plans for the new year. Emphasis was placed on the beautification of the campus. Photo by: Tracie Bullen

Dr. Terry Britton, president of Rose State College, addresses faculty and staff with his plans for the new year. Emphasis was placed on the beautification of the campus. Photo by: Tracie Bullen


  • 59 percent of jobs by the year 2020 will require a career certificate or college degree.
  •  30 percent of Oklahoma adults currently have an associate degree or higher.
  • 29 percent skills gap for the state.
    Data: completecollege.org
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Bee’s Knees auction succeeds

By: Narges Taghavi, Feature Editor

The Bee’s Knees is a program set up by Youth and Family Services and is a nonprofit organization that helps young adults with special needs to gain entrepreneurial experiences and business skills.

The program visited Rose State College, and with the assistance of the Frances White Hughes Scholars, on Oct. 27 held an art show featuring three original works from the Bee’s Knees. A variety of prints sold for $5, and donations were appreciated.

The original Bee’s Knees works presented were:

  • “All Friends and Love” by Ashley Parker and Allie Jelinek: This painting contains vibrant and calming waves of color.
  • “SpongeBob, Pikachu, Some Angels, and Fish” by Chris Hicks: This painting is very fun and whimsical.
  • Electrical Disaster by Dave Blose: The watery blues contrast the red electrical fire to great effect.

The Hughes’ Scholars raised a total of $135 through the auction. The money will be put towards growing the Bee’s Knees program, purchasing new materials, and funding community activities.