Student Senators ready for involvement

Chelsea Ratterman, Editor in Chief

UPDATE: The 16th Student Senator was announced Thursday as Brandon White. Congrats!

A new batch of Student Senators was elected Sept. 5 and 6 through online voting on D2L. Fifteen senators were elected, and a run-off was held for the final spot Sept. 12.

Student Senators are sworn into office, before their first meeting, by advisor Kirby Harzman. Photo taken by: Denis Gosnell

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The 411 on Club Recharter and Charter

By: Narges Taghavi, Feature Editor 

 The 411 on Club Recharter and Charter 

The deadline for clubs on campus who wish to receive points for rechartering is quickly approaching. All clubs have until Oct. 12 to submit the club recharter form for their club to receive 50 points.

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Hispanic Student Association aims to make a difference

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor

HSA officers and sponsor Erica Alvarez pose with their well-earned throphy.

The annual Club of the Year award was given out at the Student Life Banquet on Monday, April 23. This year the honor went to the Hispanic Student Association.

The honor is awarded based on a point system, and a list of events that are eligible for points that school year, such as Global Oklahoma and community service in addition to a host of other opportunities.

“At the beginning of the year, we made it a point to go down the sheet of events, and attempt to do them all,” said Elizabeth Larios, an officer in HSA.

Their attempt paid off. They did numbers of events, such as a fundraiser that sold Aguas Frescas, a fruit flavored Latin drink, which was one of Dr. Lashley’s favorites, according to Larios.

They also passed out free food, made up of rice, chicken and beans, during the semester to those on campus.

“We did it to promote the club, and to give free food to students, since the stereotype of college students is that we’re all broke,” said Jorge Carrizales, HSA president.

In the fall semester, the group celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with a presentation in Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and a game of Family Feud with Latin-inspired questions.

After these events, HSA took first place in the Student Activities Chili Cook-Off. During all of this, two members assisted at a daycare, volunteering their time to help with the kids.

The club also organized monthly meetings, and tried to ensure that there was a member at all Student Senate meetings, to have their voice heard.

Their next big event coming up is the Miss Rose State Latina Pageant. This is the club’s biggest event, and is the first ever Hispanic pageant at RSC.

“We want people to know we exist on campus, and that Rose State has a lot of diversity. As much as we want to embrace the Hispanic Culture, we also want to learn more about other clubs, such as the AIA and the BSA,” said Jorge Carrizales.

The Hispanic Student Association was awarded a trophy and $500 for their club’s use. The 1st runner up was Vocal Oklahoma in Civic Engagement (V.O.I.C.E.)/Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature (O.I.L.) Club, receiving $300; 2nd runner up, Study Abroad, $200; and the 3rd runner up, Drama Club

was awarded $100.

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Online answers to campus questions

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor

Rose State’s website has many tools to give their students the chance to succeed and fulfill their educational dreams.

RSC combines the digital with the physical to give students an edge in learning

The LRC (Learning Resources Center) database utilizes a multitude of different search engines to help individualize a student’s search. If the LRC does not have a particular book, it can be borrowed through the college loan book program.

The faculty and staff directory gives students accessibility to the RSC faculty and staff community. In most cases all a student needs to do is type a faculty or staff members name into the search engine to find them.

Find a club that fits you

The Club page shows the RSC club list. This database  gives students the basic information about the clubs, and who to contact for further information. The Calendar of Events page shows the events that each of the clubs may be participating in.

When students look at the degree programs directory, they can find additional resources from places outside of the college to help them make a decision about their present or future educational needs.

Confused where to find student email or d2l login information? Click the Student login link.

There is also a student login link that takes you to a page that lists the available places a student can go to view their school email, current course schedule, or class assignments. The student email, D2L, and Oasis pages are available to give students full accessibility to their professors, advisors, and school email accounts.

Counselors help students find the right groove to accomplish their educational dreams

For those that need help with life difficulties or who have trouble with accomplishing their educational dreams, there is the campus counselors’ site. These professionals are here to listen, offer additional resources, and help students with their academic troubles.

Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature is meeting tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. (Oct. 13)

The Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature that will be meeting tomorrow will be to talking about the club, and where it is going.  O.I.L. Is looking for members that are dedicated to being a part of a club, wanting to learn about government and state legislation, or if you are working to become part of the law profession.  So come to the Main Dining Hall tomorrow and check out it if you are interested.

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