Jennifer’s Fab Ab February Blog

Day 14 (February 14)

I ate the chocolates without completing my exercises. I think this is my wrap for Fab Ab February.

Day 13 (February 13)

Why isn’t school cancelled today?! I realize the streets are fine, but I was really looking forward to staying in bed all day. Plus, I had a flat tire this morning! Ugh, this day is not working out the way I had hoped.

Well, despite all that I still managed to get my workout done. I didn’t go to Pilates this morning (reference flat tire comment), so I did a few extra sit-ups, which brought my total to fifty-five sit-ups, ten push-ups and ten 35-second planks.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I have promised myself I will complete my challenge requirements for the day. That way I can eat my box of chocolates without any guilt!

Day 12 (February 12)

If tomorrow is a snow day, then I’m taking the day off from Fab Ab as well! Please let the streets freeze overnight!

Despite the horrible weather today, I managed to complete my forty sit-ups, ten push-ups that nearly destroyed my will to live and seven 35-second planks. The planks are so easy compared to the push-ups. I wish I could add planks in lieu of push-ups.

Day 11 (February 11)

Ugh, how is it Monday again? Seriously nobody likes you, Monday. Just leave and never come back. Ever.

I did manage to complete my exercises for today though. I did thirty-five sit-ups, nine push-ups and five 35-second planks. I had to scale back on the planks today. My back muscles are very tight and sore, so I wasn’t able to do the last two planks.

Day 10 (February 10)

Rest days are the best days! I’m so happy I don’t have to do anything today.

I feel awesome doing this challenge, but I realize the importance of rest more than ever. Rest days are essential for staying on track.

If we reach burnout and don’t allow for proper downtime, then we are setting ourselves up for failure. Now please excuse me while I go take a nap for an hour or three.

Day 9 (February 9)

So glad tomorrow is a rest day! Today I completed thirty-five sit-ups, nine push-ups and seven 30-second planks. This challenge is definitely getting harder.

The planks are my favorite. They challenge me, but I don’t dread doing them like the other exercise whose name we will not mention due to the fact they are as evil as J.K. Rowling’s infamous antagonist.

Day 8 (February 8)

I wish I could tell you that the push-ups are getting easier, but they’re not. Today only added one push-up for a total of eight, but I barely got them done. I never realized that push-ups require you to use just about every muscle in your body, unless you do the girly push-ups, which I’m not.

Totals for today are thirty sit-ups, eight push-ups and seven 25-second planks.

Day 7 (February 7)

One week down, three weeks to go! I am so glad that I accepted this challenge. Unlike most Wellness Center activities, this one does not have a prize. However, I think I will be rewarded at the end of the month when my abs and arms are toned.

Today I increased my planks from five to seven, so my workout totals for the day are thirty sit-ups, seven evil push-ups and ten 25-second planks.

Day 6 (February 6)

Twenty-five sit-ups, seven (agonizing!) push-ups and five 20-second planks completed. My muscles are still pretty sore today, but overall I feel great.

I noticed that my posture has improved over the last six days. I have a horrible habit of slouching, but I feel confident these exercises are helping me be more conscious when it comes to sitting up straight.

Day 5 (February 5)

Sore does not begin to describe my abs, back and arms. I’m blaming the push-ups!

I also think all males doing this challenge need to double their push-up requirement. Seriously, your Y chromosome has an unfair advantage when it comes to upper body strength.

Day 4 (Morning of February 4)

I am not motivated to do this challenge today. Yesterday (Sunday) was a great day because it was a “rest day.” However, Monday mornings are not my friend and I’m procrastinating on the challenge.

Day 4 (Evening of February 4)

Okay, feeling better! I completed my twenty sit-ups, six push-ups and five 20-second planks. I’m glad I did it and didn’t blow off the challenge, but I still loathe push-ups!

Day 3 (February 3)

Rest Day!!!

Day 2 (February 2)

It’s Saturday, which is normally a rest day for me. I managed to do my fifteen sit-ups, five push-ups and five 10-second planks, but I’m not feeling as good as I did yesterday.

My abs are a little sore, but my arms hurt the most. I have a feeling the push-ups will be the hardest part of this challenge.

Day 1 (February 1)

It’s the first day of the Fab Ab February Challenge and I completed ten sit-ups, four push-ups and five 10-second planks. Today was fairly easy. I barely broke a sweat and my abs didn’t even start to burn.  This is probably thanks to my Pilates class on Mondays and Wednesdays.

I am looking forward to the rest of the month’s challenge. I know it’s going to get harder, so I’m very thankful for this easy day.

Cycle Out Cancer participants bike the road to health

Jennifer Byrd

News Editor

Cycle Out Caner participants have powered through to this years goal.
Photo by Josi Weaver

It’s not too late to “Cycle Out Cancer” in the Wellness Center.  All month long two stationary bikes have been dedicated to promoting cancer awareness through physical activity. As of Nov. 13, ninety-seven people had accumulated 611 miles.

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