Students seek scholarship success

By: Logan Pierce, Editor-in-Chief

On Feb. 8, Kelli Kelnar, outreach specialist, Oklahoma College Assistance Program, held a Scholarship workshop in the Tinker Terrace room. 25 students attended the presentation.

Kelnar began by offering some general advice when applying for scholarships. “February through April is the peak time for scholarship application,” Kelnar said, “That’s free money to help pay for your education.”

Volunteers finish first

Applicants with several volunteer hours stand out amongst the competition. Maintaining a high GPA also ensures greater consideration from prospective employers.

Scholarships are offered to students from many different sources, including local organizations, churches and the YMCA. Knowing where to start looking can feel daunting. Kelnar cautioned against using websites that charge for scholarship help. The service they provide is available online for free. Libraries may also be able to provide further scholarship information.

When filling out scholarship application forms, make sure they’re complete for those who will see them. “Don’t rush. Read through all the information,” Kelnar said, “If one space is left blank, they’ll through it out.”

This spells disaster

In addition to blank space, spelling errors can make or break an application. The form should be free of grammatical errors. Kelnar said, “90 percent of scholarships are eliminated after the first review.”

Prior to submitting a scholarship form, applicants should make sure their social media accounts reflect a positive image. Facebook and Twitter accounts are checked and allow for the character of applicants to be assessed.

When a reply is received, the applicant should write a thank you letter. This shows a level of professionalism that conveys ones gratitude for being considered.

This spells disaster

On Mar. 1, the campus Foundation Scholarships will be made available. Applicants must maintain a 2.5 GPA, and be an Oklahoma resident enrolled in six credit hours.

Below are some of the scholarships available.

  • President’s Leadership Class – Only available to graduating high school or home school seniors.
  • Legacy Scholars – Only available to graduating high school or home school seniors.
  • Student Ambassadors – Available to all students.
  • Tinker Federal Civic Leaders – Military spouses (E1-E6) and adult civilians (ages 24 and older) may apply.
  • Frances White Hughes Scholars – Available to students major in one of the fine arts, arts management, or art librarian areas.
  •  Hudiburg Scholars – Available to all students.

For more information, go to Applicants may also contact Carla Robison at (Graphic courtesy of

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Legislation aims to chain cyberspace

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor

Power hungry politicians start off the year with a slap in the face

At the end of last semester we published an article about legislation aimed at changing the fabric of the U.S. and the Internet. Why should the beginning of this year be any different? Legislators in the U.S. Capitol have once again shocked many of their constituents by attempting to pass outrageous and unconstitutional laws to prohibit the flow of information within the Internet. The absurd rationale within the confines of the congressional halls is astounding and perplexing. Are they working for the people or for themselves?

SOPA/PIPA it’s more than just a name

The most recent attempts to seize control of the Internet happened with the introduction of the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act of 2011) and PIPA (PROTECT IP Act of 2011) bills. These bills would essentially disallow anyone from viewing, linking to or otherwise using other website information (both foreign and domestic) as a resource in their own website because of conflicting issues of copyright legality.

These bills would affect websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Wikipedia and YouTube. While this is troubling, the greater problem lies with the subtle threat it poses. Schools across the country use other websites and their information as resources to help in educating students of all grade levels.

What Representative Lamar Smith had to say

“Current law protects the rights of American innovators by prohibiting the illegal sale and distribution of their products by domestic websites. But there is no equivalent protection for American companies from foreign online criminals who steal and sell American goods to consumers around the world. Congress must address the widespread problem of online theft of America’s technology and products from foreign thieves.” – Texas Rep. Lamar Smith, said in defense of SOPA.

Those who oppose the bills ratification, Is it another NDAA?

Those who oppose SOPA and PIPA ratification take issue with the vague language of the bill. It seems innocent enough, but like the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2012) people could be targeted without cause or reason and subjugated to jail time and major court hearings.

Like a hydra, the more heads you cut off a bill the more heads there will be to take their place. Even though the SOPA bill has been temporarily shelved, PIPA is still before the Senate. Like any other freedom, Internet freedom can only be maintained by being vigilant. That requires recognizing and stopping anything that seeks to infringe or restrict those freedoms.

Living an iLife

By: Narges Taghavi, feature editor

What happened to the days when you would look up a word in the dictionary? How about having to stop and ask the guy at the gas station for directions? Remember when your favorite shows could only be viewed on an actual TV?
Apple products have revolutionized the way we do these simple things. More than half of America has at least one or more Apple products such as iPhones, MacBooks, or the old favorite iPod.
Some people cannot do anything without having their iPhone on hand, because it is basically like their child. An iPhone user can easily watch Netflix, get directions, find the cheapest gas, update Facebook, and of course the standard cellphone things like call and text people.
Many of the people using Apple products are students such as high school and college kids, however in this day and age when the world of technology has become paramount it wouldn’t be shocking to learn that elementary and middle school students, as well as their grandparents, own an Apple product.
Since the majority of their target audience is students, the company should focus on combining education with their products. Though there are few apps for educational purposes, if Apple created teaching apps or personal tutor apps not only would students appreciate it, but parents would be more willing to buy an Apple product for their children.

Steve Jobs will be missed as the CEO of Apple

Parents would feel as though their kids aren’t just surfing the web all day, but know that the learning doesn’t stop after they leave the classroom.
Speaking of the classroom, CDI College, Vancouver Career in Calgary North, and Vancouver Career College in Coquitlam have started to digitalize the way their students learn by having them receive all course content via eText for iPad.
As you can see there are so many ways the company can grow. Though with the resignation of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, several Apple lovers are concerned that there might not be a bright future for the company.
Trey Northris, student, owns three Apple products (iPod, iPad, and Mac) and isn’t too happy about Steve Jobs leaving. “I believe that him stepping down will hurt apple, because he is the man that helped Apple make all of the iPods & iPads.” Northris said.
Another student Octavia Guesby doesn’t own any Apple products, but said that Steve Jobs leaving will not be a good thing for the company. “I think his resignation will have a huge impact because I’m sure no one will have ideas like him,” Guesby said.
While others are sure that Apple will continue to create amazing products. “Pretty sure Apple products would continue to spread and upgrade.” Amber Clay, student, said.
One student, Stephanie Long, is sure that Jobs has instructed his team well enough, so that they will continue to soar without him. “I think he trained his workers to continue to do the Apple company business like he did,” Long said.
Whether you are an Apple addict or not, one thing is certain, the company has made an impact on the world. Student Stephen Henderson put it succinctly when he said, “Their products have revolutionized phones and computers.”
Fellow student Chris Hutton echoed the sentiments when he said, “Apple has changed the outlook on how we can obtain our entertainment and media sources.”
So what are your thoughts? Do you think a new CEO will change Apple for the better or worse?
And the next time you’re using an Apple product, think about what you are using it for. Whether it is to surf the web, play Angry Birds, watch Netflix, or read.
To some, it may seem like it is an Apple world and we’re just living in it.