Microsoft surfaces with new tablet

Dennis Gosnell

Assistant Editor

With the success of Apple’s iPad, many other companies are seeking to compete in the growing tablet market. Microsoft is no exception.

On Oct. 26, Microsoft released a new line of mobile tablets called the Surface. This device, like the iPad, looks to give consumers something unique and life changing.

Microsoft has two versions it is looking to give consumers: the Surface and Surface Pro.

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Sony’s attempt at unlimited gaming

Dennis Gosnell

Assignment Editor

Those of you who are avid gamers may know about Sony’s PlayStation Networks, PlayStation Plus. For those gamers who do not know, PlayStation Plus is a PSN paid service.

This service gives users the opportunity to receive auto-updates of games, an assortment of free games, select 20 – 80% discounts for PlayStation Store purchases, and access to online console game betas.

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PvP comes to life with the newest Starwars game

Coming to the MMO (massively multiplayer online) game stage is Star Wars: The Old Republic.  With World of Warcraft slowly falling from its throne due to its latest expansion, players will be searching for a new way to feed their addiction to gaming.
Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) offers gamers a different universe to explore with EA (Electronic Arts) Games, Bioware, and LucasArts pooling their talent to build the next game for the galaxy far, far away.
SWTOR is set 1,000 years prior to the rise of Darth Vader, and 300 hundred years after Jedi/Sith Reven saved the galaxy from the malicious Darth Malak.  Players experience Reven and Malak’s adventures in the 2003 RPG (role playing game) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
The official SWTOR site shows the evolution of the game development with information and videos on the different classes, their associated powers and abilities, which worlds can be visited, armor sets, and player companions.

Developer videos show what has captured many players’ hearts and minds, PvP (Player vs. Player) action.  It’s certain that SWTOR’s production team has developed engaging areas in which players can go into full out battle against each other.  Whether a player is partial to blasters, heavy cannons, rocket launchers, lightsabers, or vibroblades; SWOTR aims to create a unique experience that captures the minds of all.
In Hutt space, PvP takes football to the next level in what is being called “Huttball”.  Huttball is played with two opposing teams going for a ball set in the middle of the field.  This ball can be thrown from one player to the next. When a player is hit or killed, the player who performed the killing blow receives the ball.
This is nothing new of course, it’s capture the flag but with fire blazing obstacles exploding as players run across a platform, this creates a challenge for players that fuels their adrenaline addiction.
Bioware Austin has insisted that this is the first story driven MMO that includes character voice over features.  What this means is the quest each player accomplishes has an effect on both the player and their environment.  Instead of bland and non-committal conversations a player is fully immersed in the game’s environment with each conversation choice having its own outcome to the quest or mission at hand.
The change in environment feature in SWOTR is no different from Blizzard’s attempts at salvaging their own franchise with the last two expansions of World of Warcraft.  SWTOR differs from WoW by not limiting the options to a specific choice in changes but based on the players quest decisions.  Many of the features are upgraded and allow players different types of in-game choices. These action, conversation, and story choices give the player the power to shape their gameplay experience.
SWTOR has not, as of yet, posted a release date.  Many of the games followers wait in anticipation for the games release.  On July 22, 2011 however, the fellows at SWOTR put out the announcement that players could start pre-ordering the game with exclusive in game items and possibility of pre-launch game-time that would allow players a head start.  There is speculation and excitement brewing; with the pre-order available, many believe the game’s release is not that far in the future.