Raiders determined to have winning season

Jennifer Byrd

News Editor

Raider baseball players take a break from rigorous practice.    Photo by Marisa Caban

Raider baseball players take a break from rigorous practice. Photo by Marisa Caban

The men’s baseball team is in the middle of the 2013 spring season. The Raiders have played nineteen of their games with a record of ten wins and nine loses. The season has proved challenging, but the team is confident the stats will continue to improve.

At the last faceoff against Hutchinson County, the final score of 0-7 did not accurately reflect the team’s ability and hard work. Raider Pitcher Chris Joiner led the stats with seventeen first pitch strikes and five strikeouts. The sophomore from Woodbridge, VA played a total of five innings.

The double-header, March 12, against Seward County proved the team has what it takes to win. They dominated both games, which ended in final scores of 6-1 and 9-4. “We are really starting to play better now,” Head Coach Coty Cooper said.

Cooper also announced two commitments from new players for the 2013-2014 season. Landon Eason, an outfielder from Yukon High School, and Jeremy Katz, an infielder from Fairview High School in Boulder Colorado. The team has fifteen sophomores on the roster this year, so more player commitments are expected soon.

Rose State’s Garrett Crain, a sophomore infielder, has signed a commitment with NCAA Division I Texas Christian University.  Crain came from Edmond Santa Fe High School and has played with Rose State for two years.

The next home game is Tuesday, March 26 at 1:00 pm against Carl Albert State College. Admission is free to all students who show their valid student ID at the gate.


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Sports festival educates OKC metro in health and wellness *

Jennifer Byrd

News Editor


The third Bart & Nadia Sports & Health Festival will be held Feb. 16 from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City. Attendance is free.


A variety of events will take place including several health and fitness related booths offering information on exercise, sports, health care and nutrition. Various health screening booths will offer smoking cessation information, dental screenings and general physical fitness assessments.

Indoor rowing and kayaking are two activities featured at the Bart and Nadia Sports and Health Festival

Indoor rowing and kayaking are two activities featured at the Bart and Nadia Sports and Health Festival


Many of the weekend’s activities are geared towards children. The Perfect 10 Fitness Challenge will award kids a gold medal upon completion of ten fun fitness activities, such as kayaking, archery, basketball, and volleyball.


Kids can also participate in the Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy activities, play hockey games with the OKC Barons, shoot baskets with the OKC Thunder Girls and run the bicycle safety obstacle course. All children that complete the obstacle course will receive a free helmet.


Attendees who stop by the OU Athletics Trailer can sign up to win an iPad or play Xbox Kinect games on the 60” TV. Kids will have the chance to get their picture taken with Boomer and Sooner from the University of Oklahoma while learning about fitness fun, academics and sportsmanship.


Adults will have plenty to keep them busy as well. OKC Riversport is sponsoring the RUNderground, a 5k run in OKC’s underground. Other activities include the USTA tennis challenge, UCO’s powerlifting competition, and four gymnastics meets.


“We are not only excited to be hosting a weekend full of gymnastics, but we are thrilled to be providing Oklahomans with a day of free health information and fun fitness activities to promote and encourage healthier lifestyles,” Olympic Gold Medalist and legend Nadia Comaneci said.


Since 2011, The Bart & Nadia Sports & Health Festival, in association with The Oklahoman, has encouraged families to take ownership of their health through activities that embrace Olympic and Paralympic ideals with an emphasis on sports, nutrition and wellness.



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Fab ab February


Jennifer Byrd

News Editor


Would you like to have fabulous abdominal muscles by the end of February? Then stop by the Wellness Center and sign up for “Fab Ab February.”

This challenge will start on Feb 1 and ends Feb 28. Once you register, you will receive a calendar with the daily challenge requirements. The workouts start at a beginner level, only requiring 10 sit ups, 4 push-ups and 10-second planks.  By the end of the month, you will be amazed how toned your abs have become.

There are no prizes or giveaways for this challenge, but an increased metabolism and stronger core muscles will be your reward.

The CrossFit workout seems intimidating but it’s actually not

The staff here at 15th Street News recognizes the importance of being healthy and physically fit. In an effort to boost participation and give moral support to others participating in Fab Ab February, a few us are accepting the challenge.

Skylar Wright, Features Editor, Bryan Mangieri, Reporter, and myself, Jennifer Byrd, News Editor will keep you updated on our progress throughout the month. Look for our blogs on




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New Year’s resolutions


Jennifer Byrd

News Editor

Kari Barczak shows medals from previous marathons and other runs in Redford Township, Michigan, in December 2011, as she works to keep her goal of remaining fit in the coming year. (Regina H. Boone/Detroit Free Press/MCT)

Kari Barczak shows medals from previous marathons and other runs in Redford Township, Michigan, in December 2011, as she works to keep her goal of remaining fit in the coming year. (Regina H. Boone/Detroit Free Press/MCT)

New year ILLUS.jpg



February is here and those New Year’s resolutions may have already faded from our minds. Many people start out with tons of motivation and truly intend on making permanent lifestyle changes. But now that the semester is underway and homework is quickly piling up, it may seem hard to stick with those lofty goals.


Statistics show that 45% of Americans make resolutions, but only 8% are successful in achieving them. The most common resolutions are to loose weight, quit smoking, get organized, and stop procrastinating. Here are a few ways to stay motivated, keep on track, and follow through with your commitments.

1.set attainable goals. If loosing 20 pounds or writing a 25-page paper sounds overwhelming, then break those goals down into smaller chunks. Start out with a goal to loose 5 pounds or write the first 5 pages of your paper, and then steadily work towards the larger goal.

2.    Recruit support. Friends, family and mentors help keep us focused and motivated, so create a network of support. This is especially crucial for quitting smoking or adopting a new health regimen. With a strong support network in place we have someone to talk to and keep us on track when temptation rears its ugly head.

3.    Take a different approach. If you are not able to stay on track, then adjust your method. If quitting smoking cold turkey doesn’t work for you, then try the patch or gum. If you aren’t a morning person, then exercise or study in the afternoon when you are more alert. If you really want to accomplish your goals, there is always a way. And there is probably more than one way.   Trying a different approach is not giving up, it’s finding a routine that works for you, which will lead to long-term success.

4.    Relax. Sleep and meditation are two essential ingredients for success. Nothing zaps motivation faster than being tired, rushed and stressed out. It is during times of heightened anxiety that we are more likely to throw our goals out the window. If getting 8 hours of sleep each night is simply not an option for you, then consider blocking out 15 minutes each day to sit in a quiet place and clear your mind. You will emerge refreshed and ready to face your challenges once again.

5.    Recognize your progress. No matter how small the accomplishment, be proud of yourself. Tracking your progress is good, but don’t forget to pat yourself on the back at the same time. If you quit smoking 2 days ago, tell yourself how awesome you are. If you walked a mile or ordered the grilled chicken instead of the fried version, remember to congratulate yourself on making progress.

6.    Reward yourself. The more you reward yourself for your successes, the more likely you are to stay motivated and obtain your next goal. Rewards need to be decided ahead and must not sabotage your efforts. If you’re dieting, don’t get a double dip hot fudge sundae. Opt for the fat free vanilla yogurt instead.

7.    Never accept defeat! If you falter along the way, don’t give up. Burnout is a formidable foe; it can grip you and hold you back for a while, but that doesn’t mean you are defeated. If you had a bad day or week, then accept it and move on. Don’t give up everything because of temporary weakness. You are stronger than a small setback and you can achieve your goals!


New Year’s resolutions are often major lifestyle changes, which are hard to implement. Humans are creatures of habit and changing those habits can be some of the hardest things we do in life. However, when we are successful in adopting our new ways, it can be a wonderfully rewarding experience that opens up new opportunities we would have missed if we had continued our old behaviors.