Performers shine at Second Annual Rose Review

By: Logan Pierce, editor-in-chief

The second annual Rose Review Talent Show took place Feb. 16 in the H.B. Atkinson Theatre.  There were 10 performances, ranging from singing to poetry recitals to stand-up comedy.

Kirby Harzman, coordinator of student activities, was master of ceremonies for the evening, announcing each act prior to performing.

Performance panel

A panel of three judges, Dr. Kent Lashley, associate vice president for student life, Mechelle Aitson-Roessler, director of admissions and records, and Dustin Orrell, assistant director of admissions and records were on hand to monitor the acts.

The students performed their acts in turn. The energy level remained high, as a majority of students moved around while performing, with all acts exhibiting a commanding stage presence.

The show must go on

Jack Smith, RSC, psychology major, and Chris Wilson, Mid-America Christian University, music and worship ministry major, were set to perform their act. As they started to play their guitar and piano, a microphone malfunction occurred. After several unsuccessful attempts at fixing the problem, Wilson took it upon himself to entertain the audience by playing requests on his piano. Eventually, there was a 10-minute break to fix the microphones, after which the show continued without incident.

After the Talent Show, the judges handed out awards. Princess Arnold, criminal justice major, received $100 in scholarship money for being the fan favorite.

Smith and Wilson took third place and received $200 in scholarship money.

Elizabeth Larios, sociology major, and Legacy Leadership Scholar, took second place and received $300 in scholarship money.

Shannetta Williams, paralegal program student won first place and received $500 in scholarship money.

List of performances, by order of appearance, and awards:

Cynthia Anderson, nursing major
Singing Beyonce’s “1+1.”

Elisabeth Larios, sociology major, Legacy Leadership Scholar
Performs a stand-up comedy routine.

Dominique Smith, RSC freshman
Performing an original song.

Elisabeth Chappell, public relations major
Singing Janis Joplin’s “Me and Bobby McGee.”

Josh Battles, music major
Performing and singing Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain.”

Renee Bliss, respiratory therapy major
Singing Jewel’s “You Were Meant for Me.”

Princess Arnold, criminal justice major
Reciting the poem “Take Me in Your Arms (Miss Heroin).”

Jack Smith, psychology major and Chris Wilson, music and worship ministry major, Mid-America Christian University
Performing and singing Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.”

Jondi Dyer, audio engineering major
Reciting an original poem “Let it be.”

Shannetta Williams, paralegal program student
Singing Adele’s “Someone Like You.”

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Talent review unifies students

Dennis Gosnell, assignment editor

The second annual Rose Talent Review will be held at 7 p.m. Feb. 16 in the Atkinson Theatre.

“[It is] an opportunity for students to showcase their talents,” Kirby Harzman, coordinator, student activities said.

There’s still a chance to be heard and seen

Open auditions closed Feb. 2. However, auditions are still available by appointment through Feb 7. There is nothing specific that the audition judges are looking for, the only qualification students need is to be enrolled in the spring semester.

“We had a variety last year, a pretty diverse group of talents,” Harzman said.

Last year, the number one winner was a Polynesian dance group. “They wore the traditional skirts and beautiful headdresses,” Emily Fisher, assistant coordinator, student activities, said, “They were awesome.”

If you win you get scholarship money

Student Activities is giving participants who win up to $500 in scholarship money. The talent show will include first, second, third, and the people’s choice awards. The first place prize is $500, second place prize is $300, third place prize is $200, and the people’s choice prize will be $100.

“The way participants [will] place is by a panel of judges judging competitors stage appearance, originality, personality, audience response and overall performance,” Harzman said.

She also said that judges have yet to be selected for the competition.

Importance of the competition

Competitions like this help bring students, faculty, and staff together to create a positive school environment.

Jondi Dyer, audio engineering major, will be reciting his poetry in this year’s Talent Review. “This is a great outlet for people,” Dyer said, “I think they should do it more often.”

“I like to sing so I auditioned for the talent show to see if I could make it into the competition,” Jatalia Lopez, pre-education major said, “If I won, it’d mean a lot and prove to me that I can do something I set my mind to accomplish.”

The review serves not only as a friendly competition, but also as a way to help the RSC community reinforce solidarity and unification.

RSC Student Senate establishing new leaders

By: Narges Taghavi, feature editor

The Rose State Student Senate offers students the chance to be heard. Any student who is part of the Student Senate receives not only an opportunity for leadership experience, but also a 12-hour tuition waiver and the ability to make a difference. Every candidate must be enrolled in six credit hours and is required to have a 2.5 GPA. The responsibilities of the Student Senate include the disbursement of Student Activity funds.

Be the Voice of Rose State

Kirby Harzman, coordinator of student activities commented on how the Student Senate helps establish a group of new leaders. “The purpose of Student Senate is to give the student body an outlet to provide recommendations to the administration regarding our campus.” Harzman said,  “Being involved in student senate provides opportunities to develop leadership skills such as collaboration, presentation, parliamentary procedure, event planning and awareness. It gives our student body a voice.”

RSC Student Become Leaders

Friday, September 2nd is the deadline for students interested in running for Student Senate. Candidate applications must be dropped off at the Student Activities Office by 5:00pm. Senate elections will be held September 7th and 8th on D2L.

For more information on the Student Senate call 733-7376 and they shall be happy to answer any of your questions.