Oklahoma goes Haitian at Global

Jennifer Byrd, Volunteer Writer 

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A day without school is a day wasted

Dennis Gosnell

Assignment Editor

A day without school is a day wasted

Over the last decade or two legislators have created and voted on educational reform bills to ensure that the youth of today become socially productive tomorrow.

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Rotary sponsors former Governor visit

By: Logan Pierce, editor-in-chief
Former Oklahoma Governor George Nigh was on hand to speak during Law Day, April 30. The event was presented in partnership with Midwest City Rotary.
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Manners matter even for the governor

By:Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor

Recently, President Barack Obama visited Oklahoma, and to the dismay of many of the state’s population, Oklahoma’s most important elected official, Gov. Mary Fallin, was not there to meet him. Her past remarks have shown certain displeasure with our president. Many believe that this may have been a deliberate snub to our nation’s MVP. If this is true, this shows an extreme lack of respect for an office that should demand the most respect of any.

In a time when many are disillusioned with the government and its leaders, there are still the few who get excited at the simple prospect of a sitting president being in eyeshot, and that is how it should be. They still recognize the prestige and respect the office demands as being the one representative of the American people.

Respect has been lost in the last few decades for the Executive Office of the President. Political views, affiliations, or religious choice should be set aside, especially in matters of state and the duties required. On the campaign trail, candidates running for office are spouting venom at the president for his choices, lack of progress, and just overall demeanor while in office. In each of Gov. Fallin’s press releases or speeches concerning the president she has been nothing but vile in tone.

“I hope that while President Obama is in Oklahoma he takes some time to listen to our citizens, many of whom work for the energy industry which he claims to support,” Gov. Fallin said, in a press release following the announcement of President Obama’s visit. She goes on to accuse him and his party of a supporting an “aggressively anti-energy agenda,” despite the Obama administration’s push for cleaner energy that would decrease our dependence on oil itself.

These practices are unacceptable. There are respectful ways of expressing displeasure in the choices of those who direct our country, and the members of Congress and governors do not seem to grasp this. Sarcasm, accusation and hostility in press release and speech form do nothing but rile the opposition to a similar reaction, which leads to the round robin the U.S. has been experiencing for years now. We need to return to a time where the Executive Office of the President, and other elected officials, still commanded their due respect. Twenty years ago elected officials would not have had the gall to speak in the tones they do now. It is not a matter of freedom of speech, but a matter of manners.

All roads lead to Oklahoma

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor

Sept. 29 Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb spoke in the Atkinson theatre about what’s going on in Oklahoma State Government.  Lt. Gov. Lamb expressed his passion for Oklahoma by speaking to the students, faculty and staff about the “great things happening in Oklahoma economics”.

“Oklahoma is on the cusp of a economic renaissance, so don’t leave Oklahoma.  Now is the time to be engaged in the Oklahoma economy,” Lt. Gov. Lamb said, “We’re on the rise.”

Lt. Gov. Lamb listed examples of how Texas created an environment of government policies that gave way to an “entrepreneur heaven on earth” so businesses and people would have incentive to move to their state.

To create a positive economy, the Oklahoma state government on May 11, signed into law many reform bills to provide the same kind of economic opportunities for Oklahomans.

The much “needed” Education Reform bill (SB 435) starts at the elementary level so that students read at the appropriate grade level before moving on to the next grade.

The one-stop-shop reform (Jobs Creation Measures SB 772) creates a centralized licensing plan to enable small businesses to get up and running more easily.  This is important because 95% of small businesses provide work for Oklahomans, or are owned by Oklahomans.

“We have robbed the transportation department of funding year after year after year in Oklahoma; [in] 2005 the legislature made a recommitment to transportation,” Lt. Gov. Lamb said.

Legislative changes to state roads have been initiated to get people back and forth to work, school, or anywhere they want to go.

“Roads are one of the only issues that are all encompassing because you can’t get to Rose State College without a road. You can’t do it. If you’re sick or your loved one is sick you can’t get to a hospital without a road, and if you are in trouble, the police can’t come help you without a road, and when you go to work you can’t get to work without a road,” said Lt. Gov. Lamb.

Roads provide infrastructure within the state. Without a stabilized transportation infrastructure the state will be unlikely to grow and prosper.  Therefore, it is important to promote the growth and health of roads in Oklahoma.

Lt Gov. Lamb created the first ever Lt. Governor’s Policy Report in Oklahoma that gives voice to many Oklahomans. Since his inauguration on Jan. 10, Lt. Gov. Lamb has been traveling to every county in the state.  So far he has been to 62 of the 77 counties, and has plans to visit all 77 by the end of this year.

Lt. Gov. Lamb said, “whether it’s a big issue, a medium sized issue or a small issue, we’re putting it into the policy report. We’re submitting this policy report to the Governor and the legislative leaders on suggestions Oklahomans have all throughout our state.”

For Lt. Gov. Lamb, giving Oklahomans a voice in state government is significant, because Oklahomans helped build Oklahoma.

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